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Get Certified In Tourism Industry!

NomadLawyer has collaborated with Kenlink Tours and Travel to impart training and internship to students and interested people. The goal of such training is...

Bau Nyale – A Unique Lombok Festival

what is Bau Nyale? Bau Nyale is a unique festival celebrated in Lombok. Lombok's most popular festival Bau Nyale, means “to catch the sea worms”...

KODEC Poultry Project for the Orphans and Widows

Have you ever heard of a poultry farm project that will be run for the betterment of an orphanage and for the widows? Yes, you...

One Religion- Serve Humanity: Donating Blankets to Homeless

One Religion- Serve Humanity: Donating Blankets to Homeless

Overtourism In Manali – Reality or Myth?

What is overtourism? Overtourism In Manali: Overtourism occurs when there is an exponential burst of visitors at a particular destination. Now “Exponential” is a...

Baba Neeb Karori’s Legacy: Hanuman Setu Temple, Lucknow | Steve Jobs | Mark Zuckerberg

Words: Shivanshu Shukla On one fine summer evening my uncle took me out to a temple that he is devoted to. He took me to...

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