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Car Accidents in Kent: What are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Kent?

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One of the leading causes of car accidents in Kent is driver error, which encompasses a range of behaviors. Another cause is when drivers making short trips — such as the kind you might make to the grocery store or your grandma’s house — become distracted by something else. Drivers should be aware that they can be sued if they hit someone with their car while showing off, texting while driving, or even running a red light.

Despite the cause of the car accidents, it is essential to get legal assistance to get the compensation that you deserve after being injured in a car accident in Kent. In addition, a car accident lawyer can also help you in many ways, including obtaining medical attention, securing temporary loan assistance, and even getting your vehicle repaired. An experienced car accident lawyer understands how to navigate the system and how to handle insurance companies and others involved in a case.

Now, we will see into four of the most common causes of car accidents in Kent.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents in Kent. This behavior includes texting while driving and taking a phone call while behind the wheel, but it can also present other distractions such as eating or drinking. Although some state laws prohibit distracted driving, it is still a common issue for drivers everywhere. It is also not uncommon for states with tough distracted driving laws to roll them back in order to save money.

Driving under influence

Driving under the influence is also a common cause of Car Accidents in Kent. People can be arrested for DUI for driving with a blood-alcohol level that exceeds the legal driving limit. This often happens when people drink socially and then decide to drive home. Many people may not understand how dangerous it can be to drive after just one or two drinks because they are not used to feeling impaired.


Many people think that speeding is just an issue for younger drivers. It is not, though. Speeding causes serious injuries and deaths. This can seem like a tricky issue because it is hard to determine when someone is speeding, and the police may have no radar on the road. However, it is important for drivers to pace themselves so as not to get into an accident and be found at fault.


Fatigue is a major cause of Car Accidents, especially for those who are driving long distances. It is hard to avoid fatigue when you are traveling for long periods of time. It can be helpful to take breaks and even set up camp somewhere if you need to get some sleep.

What to do if a driver under the influence hits you?

After getting hit by a drunk driver, you should follow the below steps.

Call the police

In Seattle, after the accident, you should call the police first. By notifying the police, you are secured that your case is documented, which is essential when filing a claim with the insurance company. If you fail to contact the police, the drunk person may again get behind the wheel, and you will also lose the necessary and helpful piece of evidence. However, keeping aside the severity of the accident, it is your civic duty to inform the police if you suspect anyone drunk driving. 

Gather information

It is important to gather every possible information like the contact and insurance information of the drunk driver. Also, collect information from the witnesses and the name of the police officers that arrive at the crime scene. You can also take videos or pictures of the whole incident if possible. 

Remain calm with the other driver

If the at-fault driver is under the influence, you can get confused about reacting to them. Your reaction may get the driver to become distressed, agitated, or even violent.

Cooperate with the police.

The police officer will note down the cause of the Car Accidents and make a detailed record of it. So, you must provide accurate information to the police officers. Never exaggerate or escalate what happened in the accident. Do not provide extra information until the officer has asked you to do so. You may not feel pain after the accident because of adrenaline rushing through your body. So it is okay to tell the police officer that you are unsure whether you are hurt or not.

Hire an experienced attorney

Before you move out to speak with your insurance company, it is crucial to talk to your attorney first. Your attorney will explore the legal options to maximize your claim compensation. Your attorney will investigate to take evidence of the driver’s fault for the wreck. 

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