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Build Castles, marry off Heirs, win money! Just a normal day…

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Rabcat Gaming has done it again with their fantastic online video slot, Castle Builder. From the storyline to the enchanted graphics, this slot delivers the perfect narrative for your gaming session. There’s this King you see, far away in a distant land, and all he want’s to do is marry off his daughters and build their castles… nothing new really? 

The game has a standard five reels with up to fifteen potential pay lines, but it doesn’t let the gameplay take over the wonder of the narrative as the castle you will be building takes up a significant part of the screen’s real estate.

The game’s symbols reflect the theme, with the king, his son and two daughters included, along with typical images of money pouches, a jewellery box, treasure chests and a locked door. The building side is covered by symbols of construction materials and a rather enthusiastic-looking architect in the form of a wild.

I marry, and you’ll build me a castle? Yeah, OK… who is he?

The best bit about this Castle Builder slot game is that you get to help the (ever so slightly delusional) king build castles for his daughters. Get at least two of the construction items on an active pay line and you’re off! The number of construction materials symbols you get dictates the bricks’ value: two symbols on the reels get you standard value, rising through bronze, silver and then gold for five symbols.

More valuable bricks mean that the castle will be worth more in the end, translating into bigger wins, as you collect the bricks they leave a space on the reels whilst contributing to the king’s daughters’ lovely new homes!

When they’re all done you get the chance to choose a suitor for the king’s daughter, and as if it couldn’t get any weirder they each have a prize value that relates to the value of the finished castle – capitalism meets fairy tale in this surreal but strangely addictive slot.

As the gameplay moves on you move through his offspring, including the son at the end. You’ll get to chose from a range of different king characters and their respective kingdoms as you progress through the ‘levels’, and there’s a handy map to keep track of your just-plain-odd journey.

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We’re not gonna lie, this game is a strange affair, but it is compellingly entertaining and extremely fun to play. The level progression idea really makes it addictive and will hold onto you when you might otherwise have got bored. Castles don’t take too long to build, so you can see results quickly. We think you’ll play this one for a while, even if you insist to yourself that you won’t! 

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