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Bhoot Jolokia or Ghost Chili Pepper Challenge

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Bhoot Jolokia or Ghost Chili Pepper Challenge

Do you know about Bhoot Jolokia?

Bhoot Jolokia or Ghost Chili Pepper Challenge.

Bhoot Jolokia or Ghost pepper primarily grows in Assam and some other states of North East. The local inhabitants use it in food, making pickles and traditional medicine.

ghost chili

Why is it in News?

This chili has been officially designated as the hottest chili in the world by none other than The Guinness Book Of World Records.

Would You Ever Dare To Try It?

Ghost Pepper or more widely known as Bhoot Jolokia in Assam was recorded as the world’s hottest chilli pepper. Also known as Ghost pepper, Ghost chili, Bhoot Jolokia.

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Did you know this fact?

It’s so hot that it’s used to develop fiery hand grenades and tear gas by the Indian Defense wing!

Apart from bhoot jolokia, Assam has different varieties of chilli that are really hot. 

Health Benefits of Ghost Chili Pepper Or Bhoot Jolokia:

1. It helps open clogged nasal passage.

2. Improves mood by releasing endorphins.

3. Improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure

4. It helps in metabolism.

5. Improves digestion.

6. Helps reduce sinusitis and other flu symptoms.

If you are a chilli hunter, Assam is the place to be in. Until something hotter is discovered, we are currently “The Spiciest” in the world. 

Are you ready for the Ghost Pepper challenge?

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Photos contributed by my friend and blogger Ibrahim Ahmed.

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