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Best Stops On a Florida Keys Road Trip Itinerary

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Attraction Florida Keys Road Trip Itinerary

For a great road trip, plan to spend a few days in the Florida Keys. This island chain is rich with tourist attractions, including underwater hotels, an imposing sponge man, a 30-foot-tall lobster sculpture, and several other unique attractions. While in the Florida Keys, make sure to visit the Rain Barn Artisan Village, which features locally made crafts, souvenirs, and local art.

Best Stops On a Florida Keys Road Trip Itinerary

To get to the Keys, start your journey from Miami on Route 1. This is the most direct route, taking you from the heart of the city to the southern tip of Key West, and it’s less than 200 miles long. The drive offers a lot of diverse sights, including wildlife sanctuaries, parks, and fun places to grab a drink. If you’re not a beach bum, consider taking an afternoon off from the road trip to explore the towns along the way.

If you’re looking for the perfect mid-road trip, Islamorada is the place for you. It’s located halfway between Key West and Miami. Marathon is the midway point on the Overseas Highway, and is known as the “heart” of the Keys. You can also stop off at the Hemingway Home and Museum to learn about the writer’s life and the inspiration behind his famous book, “The Sun Lies Upon Me.”

While you’re in the area, be sure to take time to see the wildlife in the Dry Tortugas National Park. This park protects 20 different species, including key deer. Fortunately, it is free to visit, and you’ll be surprised at what you see here. You can enjoy fishing, boating, and eco-adventures in the park. The park is also a popular place for weddings and other celebrations.

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Best Time to Visit in Florida Keys for Road Trip Itinerary

When is the Best Time to Visit In Florida Keys for a Road Trip? The Florida Keys are most enjoyable during the spring, summer, and early fall, when the weather is cooler and tourists and snowbirds aren’t in their thousands. Also, this is the season when the Conch Republic Independence Celebration and the St. Patrick’s Day Festival are held, as well as the annual Key West Songwriters Festival. While these are all great times to visit, you’ll want to avoid the rainy season and hurricane season.

For the most stunning views, visit the Florida Keys in the morning. The weather is ideal for hiking, fishing, or snorkeling, and you’ll be glad you came. For a road trip, the best time to visit in Florida Keys is between October and March. While you’re there, be sure to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. There are plenty of spots to stop along the way.

There are many other attractions and activities to enjoy during your trip. In Islamorada, the History of Diving Museum is a popular destination. Open 10-5 daily, this museum is a must-see for non-divers and scuba divers alike. If you’re in the mood for a cold beer, try the Islamorada Beer Company, or the Florida Keys Brewing Company, which are both located at mile 81.6.

How Long Does It Take To Drive Florida Keys Route

Totally depends on person that how much time you want to spend. When you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Florida Keys may be the perfect getaway. Its turquoise water, wildlife, and history make it an ideal place for a relaxing vacation. This route includes stops at the Southernmost Point marker, the southernmost point of mainland USA. To get an idea of how long it will take to drive this route, check out this quick guide.

Some Best Stops In Florida Keys Road Trip Itinerary

The Florida Keys is a chain of small tropical islands in the southern Gulf of Mexico. It begins 15 miles south of Miami, making it the southernmost part of the United States. The chain is linked by the Overseas Highway, and there are several bridges that connect the islands. The longest bridge stretches seven miles between Little Duck Key and Marathon, and is not a toll road. If you’re planning to visit the islands, a Jeep rental is highly recommended.

Having a road trip in the Florida Keys is a must for travelers, and a great way to see the islands is by taking a car. Typically, the journey takes around three hours. This trip is not a long one, but it does include several stops. Read on for a guide to Florida Keys attractions. This is a list of the best things to do in the Keys, including local seafood and rescuing turtles.

#1 Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami offers a wide variety of activities, dining, and shopping. Located in the heart of the city, you’ll find everything from traditional Cuban cuisine to trendy shops. The area is lively at night and has a Sunday Farmer’s Market. You can also find yoga classes and outdoor concerts. If you’re looking for something unique, try a Cuban restaurant, such as Sanguich De Miami. The restaurants in downtown Miami are a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

#2 Biscayne Bay National Park

Located on the Atlantic coast of South Florida, Biscayne Bay National Park is a unique destination for outdoor adventurers. The park contains over 173,000 acres of water, making it the perfect location for paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, and more. Visitors can take a guided tour through the park, or rent a boat and paddle around on their own. Other activities include fishing charters, seaplane tours, and sailing lessons.

#3 Everglades

Everglades is a great way to see wildlife. But it can also be a bit expensive. Here are some tips for a low-cost vacation. One of the best ways to avoid spending too much is to plan your trip in advance. The best time to visit is between November and March, when the weather is cool and rainfall is low. However, you should keep in mind that December and February are peak tourist months, which mean larger crowds, higher prices, and possible tropical storms.

#4 Key Largo

If you’re visiting Key Largo for the first time, you should stop at Alabama Jack’s. This waterside seafood shack has been a local favorite since 1947 and is known for its conch fritters. You can enjoy live music or order a delicious meal from the full bar. In the evenings, you can enjoy the sunset on the boardwalk while enjoying a cocktail at the bar or on the deck.

#5 Islamorada

In the Florida Keys, a road trip is a perfect way to see both the natural wonders and the culture of the area. Although Islamorada is not typically a beach destination, the beautiful art and culture of the island should be seen. Be sure to check out the giant lobster in Islamorada and the Rain Barrel Village. The island also boasts many unique state parks that offer something different for everyone. If you’re a geology buff, the Windley Key Fossil Reef State Park is an excellent place to go.

#6 Key West

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Key West, Florida, consider the Kingsail Resort. These accommodations are mid-range and feature free parking and kitchenettes. The best time to visit is late November or early December, when it’s less busy and the weather is nice. Otherwise, late February or early April is a good time to visit. This tropical island is a popular destination for weddings and other celebrations.

Things to Do in Florida Keys

There are many Things to Do Florida Key. The most popular are snorkeling and scuba diving. Many activities are very affordable, and can be done in a single day. Other things to do Florida Key include the historic Islamorada Brewery, and the beach. The beach is popular with tourists, and you can also find great seafood. If you want to party all night, the Islamorada Brewery offers many options.

1. Stroll Down Duval Street Key West

If you are planning a trip to Key West, Florida, you have to visit Stroll Down Duval Street. Located in the heart of Key West, this street is filled with fantastic eateries, bars, and souvenir shops. The street is about 1.25 miles long and is packed with fun things to do. The most famous bar is Sloppy Joe’s Bar, where author Ernest Hemingway once frequented.

2. The Ferry to Dry Tortugas National Park

The Dry Tortugas are located on the Gulf of Mexico, and as a result they experience a tropical climate. Generally speaking, the high season for tourism is during the winter, when people from the northern states are fleeing to warmer climates in the south. The climate is also known for its rough seas and high winds, making it difficult to visit the islands during colder months.

3. Snorkel and Swim at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

If you are a water sports lover and love snorkeling and swimming, then you have come to the right place! Key Largo has the largest artificial reef in the world and it is a great place to go snorkeling and swimming. The park was created in 1963 and was named for the former newspaper editor John D. Pennekamp. The water in Key Largo is crystal clear, and you can swim, snorkel, or dive in this protected marine habitat.

4. Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

One of the best things to do in Key West is to visit the Butterfly & Nature Conservatory. This beautiful facility is home to over 50 species of butterflies and exotic birds. In addition, you can learn about the region’s natural history through tours and lectures. The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory has won multiple awards for its educational programs and conservation efforts. There is also a gift shop and exhibits to explore.

5. Jet Ski the Key West Coast

If you want to experience a fun and romantic activity in Key West, then you should definitely try jet skiing. It is an unforgettable experience that will surely leave you with the fondest memories of Key West. In addition, you can also do parasailing if you don’t have any fears of flying. The water is crystal blue and the views are truly amazing. This activity is also great for couples to enjoy together. To make your trip even more memorable, you should book a jet ski in advance.

6. Sunset Cruises

If you’re visiting Key West, you’ll want to check out the sunset cruise options. Some include champagne, appetizers, private sails, and live music. Others include snorkeling on North America’s only living reef while enjoying margaritas and munchies. No matter what your interests are, there’s a sunset cruise to suit them. And if you’re traveling on a budget, you can find a sunset cruise that fits your budget on Viator.

FAQ’s : About Florida Keys

Which Florida keys is the best?

While Key West is a great place to sun yourself and take in the sights, it also has a reputation for partying like no other. Key Largo, however, has less tourist-y atmosphere than Key West, making it a more relaxed destination. Both Key West and Largo offer plenty of activities and amenities.

What is the best month to visit the Florida Keys?

The best months to visit the Florida Keys vary. Some people prefer spring or summer for their visit, while others prefer winter. Whether you’re looking for perfect weather or an active vacation, the Florida Keys has something to offer you. Here are a few suggestions. The best time to visit the Florida Keys depends on your interests and your budget. A visit to the Florida Keys in the winter will help you see the wildlife in its natural habitat.

Which Florida Key has the best beaches?

The Florida Keys are tropical retreats that are protected by offshore reefs. The warm, calm waters make them ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The lack of beaches, however, doesn’t keep people away. The Keys are known for their water sports and laid-back lifestyle, and their beaches are not very sandy. But the warm water, sun, and clear blue water make them a popular vacation spot among Americans.

Is There a Difference Between Florida Keys and Key West?

The Florida Keys are a popular destination for snowbirds and winter residents from the north. This island has a tropical climate, and is rich in culture with African, Cuban, and southern American influences. There are also plenty of art museums, live concerts, and cultural events to keep visitors entertained. The weather is usually warm and the humidity is low. It’s a great time to visit, especially if you’re on a budget.

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