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6 Best Southeast Asian Countries You Can Travel In Rs.1 lakh

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Tourist Attractions: 6 Best Southeast Asian Countries You Can Travel In Rs.1 Lakh

Travel is no longer an expensive hobby. Everyone can now afford unique destinations that will satisfy their adrenaline rush.

Asia has 48 countries, most of these countries offer a unique blend of adventure, history, and nature that you won’t find anywhere else. Scroll down to see the top Asia destinations and start planning your amour’s dream of romance!

It is now common to plan your trip around the non-peak season, pick up places where the Indian rupee has a stronger currency, and spend within limits. This allows travellers to travel to otherwise inaccessible places with a relatively small amount of money.

South East Asia

It can be overwhelming to find information about traveling to Southeast Asia and other countries. Here’s how to navigate the internet and the world at large, and plan your budget trip around Asia.

Although international travel can be thrilling, it can also burn a hole into your pocket. What if we told ya that you could visit just a few countries for as little as one lakh rupees?

While one lakh may seem like a lot, it is often necessary to travel overseas with more money. Most of us are middle-class and enjoy traveling to new places. However, managing our finances can be difficult. You can still travel to the most expensive countries on a budget if you do your research and plan well.

If you are looking for a place to holiday, then do check out these 6 places that we recommend.

Sri Lanka # 1

Sri Lanka is a top choice for beautiful and affordable destinations to travel. It offers all: a pleasant tropical climate, breathtaking pristine beaches and elevated highland retreats.

By making smart decisions about booking flights and hotels as well as cutting down on food and sightseeing costs, you can fit your vacation within the budget of Rs 1 lakh. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a top choice for budget-friendly foreign holidays due to its unbeatable combination of affordability, natural beauty, and wildlife. You can travel to Sri Lanka for five nights and six days, which is a great option as you can add more cities to your itinerary.

You can visit the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple in Colombo and Galle Face Green. Visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage on the way to Kandy.

Then, the next day, make a stop at the Sigiriya World Heritage Site and Dambulla Cave Temple. Galle and Mirissa are also worth a visit for their stunning beaches and sea turtle hatchery.

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful and best Southeast Asian Countries you can travel in Rs.1 Lakh

Vietnam # 2

Vietnam is a cultural delight, whether you are enjoying a hot bowl of pho in Ho Chi Minh’s historic streets or walking through the lantern-lit streets of Hoi An. 


Vietnam is a top choice for travelers looking for affordable accommodation, street food, and public transport.

Philippines # 3

It is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world, and it is well worth a visit. You can reserve two days in Manila and two in Palawan. You can visit Manila’s Fort Santiago & Rizal Shrine Museum and San Agustin Church & Museum, Manila Ocean Park and Intramuros, or take a day trip to Manila. 

Divisoria market is a great place to shop. You can’t miss Palawan’s Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, El Nido, and Tubbataha Reefs diving.


The archipelagic nation is home to over 7,000 islands and is an ideal destination for wildlife lovers and nature lovers. Adventure sports lovers will find it a paradise: zip-lining, kayaking and mountain biking are just some of the many activities available. You can save money on flight tickets depending on when you travel.

Malaysia # 4

The country offers a variety of experiences, from the relaxed vibes of Langkawi to the stunning Cameron Highlands views to the lush jungles and skyscrapers at Kuala Lumpur. 


Malaysia is an affordable destination for budget-minded travelers, with its easy-to-use public transport system, cheap accommodation options, bustling markets, and inexpensive street food, Malaysia is a great choice.

Malaysia is indeed of the most beautiful and best Southeast Asian Countries you can travel in Rs.1 Lakh

Thailand # 5

Thailand offers it all: beautiful beaches, vibrant street markets, numerous islands, and colorful tuk-tuks. This country is a favorite among Indian tourists for its wide range of experiences, both for backpackers and luxury travelers. 


Bangkok is the best place to shop if you are looking for bargains. You can relax on the beach by heading to Krabi, Phuket or Koh Sa Mui. You don’t need to spend a lot, no matter which route you take.

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the best Southeast Asian Countries you can travel in Rs.1 Lakh

Singapore # 6

There are many cultural activities in Singapore. Take a walk around People’s Park Complex and buy local goodies. Visit the Pagoda Street for its historic cafes.


Spend a lot of time at Chinatown Complex, which is the largest hawker center in the country. Stop by the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Don’t be influenced by what you read in Crazy Rich Asians. Singapore can be achieved on a tight budget.

Singapore is one of the best Southeast Asian Countries you can travel in Rs.1 Lakh

FAQs About South Asian Countries

What is the main culture of Southeast Asia?

Buddhist culture has a lasting and significant impact in mainland Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam); most Buddhists in Indochina practice Theravada Buddhism. In the case of Vietnam, it is also influenced much by Confucianism and the culture of China

What is unique about Southeast Asia?

A distinctive feature of Southeast Asia is its cultural diversity. Of the six thousand languages spoken in the world today, an estimated thousand are found in Southeast Asia.

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