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Best Of Night Life In Barcelona, Spain

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Travel Attractions – Best of Nightlife in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, is the capital of Catalonia and a city full of culture, art, and enjoyment. Its the most visited city in Spain. an amazing city that is home to a remarkable architectural masterpiece like the Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia.

Barcelona is beautiful during the day. For decades, some of the most prominent artists in Spain have been drawn to the alternative and artistic vibes of this city. 

Barcelona nightlife is full of partying, crazy people and incredible bars. But that’s not all. This is the guide for budget-minded travelers who want to see the real Barcelona after the sun sets. 

If you are looking for something to do in the evening, there are many attractions to choose from. Many of the attractions are free of charge. For instance, you can take in the spectacular Passeig de Gracia Fountains, which change colors and patterns according to the music playing in the background.

You can even watch the fountains up close. However, you must be over the age of 18 or 21 to enjoy this attraction.

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Palau Reial Major

During the night, you can visit the Palau Reial Major, where the medieval Dukes used to reside. The area is also home to several high-profile museums.

The National Museum of Catalan Art is one of the best museums to visit in Barcelona. It’s not only a great place to see artwork, but it also offers beautiful views of the city.

Harlem Jazz Club

A perfect place to enjoy a drink at night is the Harlem Jazz Club. This legendary club is a popular gathering place for locals and travelers alike. During the night, you can dance the night away to the sound of jazz.

You can also get free entry to the famous Club Catalans.

Note: While enjoying the nightlife, don’t forget to take care of your belongings. Be careful not to leave anything unattended, especially if you are on a crowded street. You should also be extra vigilant near tourist hotspots, such as Las Ramblas.

Several museums in Barcelona are open late at night. You should consider checking out the museums on days when they have patron saint celebrations. On these days, most of the public museums have free admission. If you’re visiting Barcelona during these holidays, make sure to make the most of this special opportunity.

The Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is the oldest and most atmospheric district in Barcelona. It is a tangle of narrow streets and picturesque plazas. Just east of La Rambla, this neighborhood is home to several hundred-year-old stores.

A visit to this quarter is a must for history buffs. It’s home to the Gothic Cathedral.

Sunset in Tibidabo

This is Barcelona’s highest point (520m), and it is also the best place to see the sunset. It is located in the Collserola mountain group and is also known as the Magic Mountain. It is the most beautiful view point in Barcelona at night.

Barcelona’s panoramic views are breathtaking, both for the views and what’s inside. The country’s oldest amusement park is still in operation. 

Enjoy the attractions in the afternoon, and then spend the evening admiring the stunning sunset. This spot can be seen from almost every area of the city. However, it will amaze you to see it up close.

Flamenco show

Flamenco shows are a must-see when you visit Barcelona. Flamenco, a Spanish musical style that originated in Spain’s South, has roots in every Spanish town. The music and dances of the dancer (artist), are represented with a faithful companion – the Spanish guitar.

Probably you’ve seen the red with white dots long dresses. This is the traditional costume to perform and dance Flamenco. Flamenco is a wonderful show that will bring life to any Barcelona visit.

Open-air cinema

It is a great idea to spend the weekend watching a movie under the stars of Barcelona. This is only possible in summer, as it could be freezing to watch a film outside. 

The Montjuic Hall in Montjuic is my favorite outdoor cinema, followed by Cinema Lliure (Barceloneta).

Montjuic Hall is located at the foot of a castle. Imagine enjoying a great film at night with these amazing views! Before the film begins, there is a short performance of live music!

Light show at Montjuic Fountain

It is a spectacular light show at Montjuic Fountain. The fountain was constructed in 1929 to celebrate the Universal Exposition.

It has been entertaining tourists and locals alike with colorful and magical shows every evening throughout the year. 

Sign up for a Paella Cooking Class

Barcelona is not complete without a good paella. But instead of going to a mediocre restaurant on Las Ramblas or Barceloneta to get a plate of yellow goo and a few stale ingredients, why not learn how to make Spain’s most famous dish yourself using fresh ingredients from the local market and the guidance of a chef? 

This informal cooking class will teach you how to make a great seafood paella. Then, enjoy your creation. Each night, the activity starts at 6pm. It includes a visit to Boqueria Market and complimentary tapas. The paella can take quite a while to prepare. You will also enjoy many delicious glasses of sangria. 

This activity is great value at EUR53 per head. The groups are large and friendly so you can feel comfortable signing up even if your travels alone. Vegetarians are also welcome. 

Take a Segway Tour by Night

Segways especially at night can be an enjoyable way to explore Barcelona without being obstructive of the people going about their daily lives. 

The private Segway ride, which costs just EUR55 per person (min. 2 people). You will be taken along the famous Barceloneta Beach, which is still bustling at night with walkers, joggers and skaters.

Note: Segways can be quite a nuisance during the day, especially in narrow streets like the Gothic Quarter or along the busy beach front.

Set Sail on a Romantic Sunset Cruise

Look no further if you are looking for romance in Barcelona. This sunset cruise from the harbour will take you out to the calm Mediterranean Sea just as the sun begins to set. The city is covered in stunning orange, pink, and finally indigo colors.

You can enjoy the calm of cruising on the ocean in a classic sailing boat, while sipping a glass Cava (Catalan Champagne). 

This activity can be enjoyed for as low as EUR79 per person depending on the season (in peak seasons the price may go up a bit). 

Drop By a Live Music Venue

Night outs don’t need to be all about DJs and drunken drinking. There are many bars that offer live music in Barcelona, including some of the more popular local acts like Big Bang and Soda Acustic. 

Apart from the Bohemian bars, there are also larger clubs such as Sala Razzmatazz that feature international acts.

There is also a large number of Irish pubs, which have live concerts every Friday and Sunday, not to mention classical concert venues. Slow Barcelona is a place that offers live music on weekends and great cocktails.

FAQs About Barcelona Night Life

What is nightlife like in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a party city that’s renowned for its packed bars, late-night beach clubs, and sexy boat parties. There are also regular street fiestas and music festivals during the summer. It’s also much cheaper to party in Barcelona, compared to New York and London, and it’s easier to navigate the scene.

What nights do people go out in Barcelona?

Barcelona hosts parties every day from Monday through Sunday. However, they are not always the same. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the best nights to go out. All bars and clubs in Barcelona are open on these nights.

Is Barcelona safe for female travelers? 

Barcelona is generally safe. You shouldn’t have any problems traveling solo to Barcelona. However, it is important to be cautious. You should not be walking alone at night, or with strangers. We female travelers don’t have to travel in fear, but we can take precautions. Barcelona is an safe city, with many tourists each year.

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