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8 Stunning Beaches You Won’t Want To Miss in Northwest USA and Canada

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Travel Attractions – Beaches, Northwest USA and Canada

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. The Pacific Northwest is known for its foggy beaches and mountainous terrain. The West Coast beaches have a wide range of stunning options for visitors to choose from, including the rugged Washington coast and the beautiful shores of Southern California.

Although the Pacific Coast beaches are more cold than those on the Atlantic Coast or Gulf Coast, there are still plenty of things to do and see. You won’t be disappointed by one of the most beautiful areas in North America.

The Pacific Northwest, which is most often referred to as Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada, has some of the most stunning scenery on Earth. There are many stunning mountain peaks and wild, rugged shores to be found. You’ll also find some of the most interesting cities in the region.

There are a lot of quirky characters, a wide range of local beers and thriving arts and music scenes. Book a vacation in the Pacific Northwest at these top spots for your next trip. The Pacific Northwest coast offers a unique beach experience. These are the top beaches the Pacific Northwest has on offer.

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Long Beach Peninsula, Washington

In the southwest corner of Washington is the Long Beach Peninsula. It’s located in beautiful Pacific County. It is a scenic drive from both Portland, Seattle, and a classic Highway 101 destination. Long Beach has plenty to offer for all ages. There are many things to do, great fresh seafood, and lots of colorful shops.

The charming streets of Long Beach are lined with attractions, such as a carousel, carnival rides, game parlors bike rental shops and quirky museums, and candy shops.


There is also a wide variety of dining options, from oyster burgers to fine dining, featuring Northwest regional cuisine. It is also home to the annual kite festival and a museum. It boasts the longest continuous beach stretch in America, stretching 28 miles along the Long Beach Peninsula.

Bandon Beaches, Oregon

Since the mid-19th century, this stunning seaside beauty has attracted beachgoers. It’s located along Oregon’s southern coast and is home to a variety of birds, including shorebirds, ospreys and geese. Gray whales are often seen along the coast, while orca whales may be seen in the estuary. You’ll find a variety of restaurants, shops, galleries, boutiques and bookstores in the Old Town.

You’ll find even more adventure around Bandon Beach if you head out of the charming town. Cool camping, vibrant marine life, lighthouses and other activities are just a few of the many things you can do in Bandon Beach. The most distinctive feature of this stretch is the many sea stacks.

These are remnants from an ancient marine terrace. Tide pooling is one of the most popular pastimes here, as they provide a home for many sea creatures. These are the things you should do in Bandon Beach Oregon.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is a beautiful beach destination on the Oregon coast. Cannon Beach, a small city on the Oregon coast, is located in northwest Oregon. It is known for its sandy, long shore. Haystack Rock, a tall rock that rises high above the ocean, is a haven for tufted puffins.

The trails of Ecola State Park, located on a headland north, offer breathtaking views of the ocean, coves, and a lighthouse. South is Arcadia Beach with tide pools, a picnic area and a beach. Hug Point is close by and has many sea caves.

Manzanita Beach, Oregon

Manzanita Beach is a lovely stretch of sand that’s perfect for building sandcastles or lounging.

The beach ends at Neahkahnie Mountain’s base, making it a spectacular backdrop from which to admire the stunning coastline.

Myers Creek Beach, Oregon

The most beautiful beach in the world, Meyers Beach is a steeply sloping beach. This beach is shallow and offers incredible wind surfing opportunities. Meyers Beach has hosted numerous Windsurfing World Championship Competitions.

Meyers Beach is a great place to take pictures, especially in the morning and late evening. Do yourself a favor and plan an evening or morning at Meyers Beach if you’re a photographer.

Cobble Beach, Oregon

Every Oregonian should visit this unusual beach at the very least once. The amazing Cobble Beach is located near Newport, just above the famous Yaquina Head. This cove, named after its name, is made up of thousands of smooth, round, cobblestones. This natural wonder is a wonderful place to relax, birdwatch, explore tide pools, and much more.

You will find amazing tide pools on the beach that you can explore and spot starfish, sea anemones and mussels. You can take a tour of this lighthouse if you arrive at the right moment.

Alki Beach, West Seattle, Washington.

Alki Beach, located 25 minutes from downtown Seattle, is Seattle’s most famous sandy beach. It is best to visit Alki Beach during the warmer months, when it is bustling with activity. You can see volleyball matches on the sand and people playing in the waves.

Others are riding their bikes along the beach. You can stroll, bike or people-watch along the beachside path that runs along Alki Avenue SW.

Westport Beach, Washington

Are you looking to recharge and disconnect? There are miles upon miles of Westport beaches that can be used for walking, beach-combing and playing.

Or just for relaxing and taking in the beautiful sunsets? Westport is pet-friendly. Your four-legged friend will be welcomed at the beach every day!

Conclusion :

A day at the beach is not only a great time, but it also has surprising health benefits. It can be a magical way to improve your health and well-being. Spending time outdoors, taking in the beautiful blue skies, and listening to the sounds and smells of the ocean, and relaxing under the sun and feeling the warmth beneath your feet, can make a huge difference to your health.

You can feel happier, more relaxed and full of energy after a day at the beach. These amazing health benefits can be yours if you go to the beach. So, go, travel and explore those stunning beaches!

FAQs about Beaches in Northwest USA and Canada

Can you swim in the ocean in the Pacific Northwest?

Although there isn’t an official position from Oregon tourism or state officials on the matter, the general answer to the question is yes.

Where is the prettiest beach in North America?

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2 Playa Norte Isla Mujeres island, Cancun. …
3 Balandra Beach Baja California Sur. …
4 Honokalani Beach Maui. …
5 Lanikai Beach Oahu. …
6 Isla Holbox Holbox Island. …
7 Long Beach British Columbia. …
8 Honopu Beach Kauai.

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