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Assado Café & Bar – the culmination of your senses!

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Assado Café & Bar

The famous American food critic, Jonathan Gold, said in 2014, “There are really good intelligent readers who read me every week, who won’t necessarily know the difference between tonkatsu and tonkotsu. I think the worst thing you can do is write to your readers. Especially doing what I do, right? Everybody eats three meals a day, everybody is an expert on something in food, even if it’s just the way that they like their scrambled eggs done.” With those words, dear readers, please make your own choices but I hope I can help you in this journey by offering my two cents. 

Assado Café & Bar

This time you are in Goa and decide to do something different than what the clickbait articles tell you to do, visit Morjim, the 5th beach, if you count from the north of Goa (Querim (‘Keri’), Arambol, Mandrem, Ashwem, Morjim). Morjim houses the turtle beach, where Chapora river meets the sea, and separates Morjim from the commercial part of Goa. 

Unexplored but creating its own niche for the serious travelers and the covid discovered WFH corporate couples, who want to escape the cities but still looking to be in the periphery of the grid.  There is a very strong integration of central and eastern Europeans in this region, which gives it a unique culinary touch and thus many new but exciting cafes and restaurants have started making their home here. 

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Today, we will explore a new entrant in the eatery world of Goa. Away from the noise and hustle of main north Goa, sitting on the entrance of Morjim, is this charming café, where you can’t miss the signboard on the main road flashing the word – Assado. Inspired by the cultural coterie of Goa, from the Portuguese meaning roasted and used in social events of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, adapted by the local language Konkani, this café is also a cultural mix of food, music and great vibe. As the world has taken this word to mix with their fusillade of culinary experiences, this place will give you a vibe of being multicultural in its attitude.

Heavily influenced by the movie culture, the entrance facade has the “twist” of the iconic Pulp Fiction immortalized by Uma Thurman and John Travolta, instantly giving the Instagram exhibitionist a reason to smile. Open on both sides, and surrounded by greenery, the main sitting area has a huge projector wall, which screens movies, EPL matches and Formula One! 

The back side of the café is filled with art done by eclectic artists from all over the world as they believe in promoting the unheard but talented; and recently did a photo exhibition by a photographer from St. Petersburg themed “Faces”. Frequented by gentry from all over the world, it’s a place to work and explore your creative side. 

Every Wednesday and Saturday, Assado does live music, which fills the soul. The music ranges from Middle Eastern, Russian, Raga & Electronic Beats toJazz which culminate into the genre of World Fusion and on other days you can boom with their classic rock and deep house music – which one can enjoy with their iconic cocktails, from their bar “Madhushala” such as old fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Hot Toddy, Jungle Bird and White Russian. Which brings us to their comfort food, which goes with the vibe of the place – the fusion of continental with Slavic food, so don’t miss out on the Fish Stake, Prawn Tempura and for the gastronome, delight yourself with Borscht, the mouth-watering pancake, Draniki or Syrniki and anytime eat Chunga-Changa. 

The founders and promoters of this place believe that this café is part of their larger ecosystem and believe that this world with its variety and flavor comes together to form a juxtaposition.

Assado cafe also provides short and long stay facilities. This is an endeavour by the founders to promote the concept of “Digital Nomads”. 

Contributed By Mr. Sumitro Chatterjee.

Lawyer, tech, legal enthusiast and loves travel & food. He seldom writes. 

Thanks Sumitro for this contribution.

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