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Albany: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Albany, NY

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Travel to Albany, New York, USA

The capital of New York State, Albany boasts several top-notch cultural attractions, top-rated museums, and beautiful architectural landmarks. If you’re interested in the history of New York State, a trip to Albany is definitely worth it. If you’re looking for a more laidback and friendly vibe, you’ll find plenty of that in this city as well. The city is home to a bustling restaurant scene and a wide variety of casual cafes.

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the area was inhabited by the Kalapuya tribe, who called the area Takenah. The term Takenah is derived from the deep pool at the confluence of the Willamette and Calapoola rivers. This ancient civilization numbered upwards of 20,000 people before Europeans arrived. The city was first colonized by the Dutch in 1614 and was one of the oldest continuously chartered cities in the United States.

This historic city boasts beautiful Victorian homes along State Street and a beautiful Romanesque-style City Hall. Green spaces are particularly popular in the summer months, as Albany State Park and Corning Preserve are both home to many parks and playhouses. Regular theater and concert performances take place at both parks.

Those looking for a romantic night out can go to a number of local restaurants. There is the famous Umana Restaurant & Wine Bar, which serves world-inspired street food and has a unique vibe. It also hosts regular live music events, including classical piano concerts, and serves delicious brunch on Sundays. In the city center, the Post on Lark, Albany’s hippest new restaurant, is an ideal place to spend the evening with your significant other.

Albany’s Washington Park

Albany’s Washington Park Washington Park is a great place to take a walk, relax on a bench or have a picnic. This large, tree-shaded park is a refreshing oasis in the middle of Albany. Fredrick Law Olmsted (the landscape architect who created Central Park in New York City) created Washington Park between 1870-1880. Olmsted’s design aesthetic is marked by the natural appearance of the landscaping, which almost looks like a pastoral setting.

Image Credit: Flickr

The park has English-style gardens with large lawns and a five acre lake with a house (which also has toilets), benches, and walking trails shaded with leafy oak trees. The park is a popular spot for recreation and relaxation year round. It is a great place to meet friends, play basketball or toss frisbees. In winter, cross-country skiing is possible here. Washington Park holds a wonderful Tulip Festival in May to honor its Dutch heritage. However, the tulips begin blooming around mid-April.

To see the stunning array of tulips, visitors flock to the area of Washington Park that is devoted to them. Placards are placed in front the tulips to identify the variety. The festival begins with the traditional Dutch “Street Sweeping” ceremony.

It continues with tulip tours and music concerts as well as a tulip sales. Washington Park lights up with Capital Holiday Lights from the end of November to the middle of January. Over a hundred holiday light displays and illuminated scenes are available to help you get in the holiday spirit. Tourists are encouraged to explore the historic neighborhood surrounding the park. The tree-lined streets are lined by old brownstone homes. Lark Street is a bustling area with many local shops, quirky boutiques, cozy cafés, takeout restaurants, and ethnic food outlets. You can enjoy a relaxing meal at the corner of Madison Avenue and Lark Street. You’ll find trendy restaurants and casual dining options in this area.

More Details About Albany’s Washington Park

Address: State and Willet Streets, Albany, NY 12210
Contact:  (518) 434-5699

The New York State Museum

The New York State Museum The New York State Museum is designed for students as well as lifelong learners. It offers an immersive experience in a variety of educational disciplines. The collections are primarily focused on New York State’s history and natural environment.

Image Credit: Flickr

The New York State Museum was established in 1836. It is the oldest state museum. It also has the largest exhibition area in the state, and impressive collections. The museum boasts 16 million specimens from its natural science collection, and one million objects from its history and Anthropology collections. The collection contains a wide range of exhibits, including art, science, archaeology and history.

Visitors will be amazed at the variety of exhibits. Highlights include the New York Metropolis ornithology and Birds of New York exhibits. The Historical Archaeology exhibits on the 17th-century Dutch fur trade (beaver-pelt), and the New Netherland colony of Fort Orange (present day Albany) are also highlights. Many archaeology displays compare artifacts, such as pieces of Roemer glasses or clay tiles fragments, with those depicted in contemporary Dutch paintings. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, 9:30am to 5pm. Admission is free. There is a gift shop and a cafe.

More Details About The New York State Museum

Website: http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/
Address: 222 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12230, United States
Contact:  +1 518-474-5877
Opened: 1836

USS Slater DE-766

USS Slater DE-766 Cannon-class destroyer USS Slater DE-766 was escorted by the USS Slater DE-766. It served both in the United States Navy as well as the Hellenic Navy. The ship was transferred to Greece after the end of World War II and renamed Aetos. The ship was then decommissioned and returned home to the United States. You can still see the USS Slater today in museums around the globe. During its U.S.

Navy service, the ship was refitted and rebuilt. Slater’s depth charge rack was located on the fan tail. Slater also has two 20mm armament batteries and three 40 milimeter bofours battery. Her armament was also modernized and upgraded. It is now located in Utah. The Slater was first sent to Key West in 1944. The Slater was used as both a sonar school, and as a target ship. Two convoys were escorted by her to the United Kingdom.

Image Credit : Wikimedia

She stayed there until the end. Slater started escorting convoys to the navy in January and May 1945. The Slater was a vital part of the defense of the United States and allied forces throughout the war. After the war in Europe, the Slater was renamed Slater. Built as an escort vessel, she was later added to the reserve fleet. The USS Slater was an American mine-hunting vessel in the Pacific. Two other destroyers, the USS Bangust (USS Slater) also called it home. The Slater was the first U.S. destroyer to fire side depth charges.

More Details About USS Slater DE-766

Website: https://ussslater.org/
Address: 141 Broadway, Albany, NY 12202, United States
Contact:  +1 518-431-1943
Opened: 1998
Length: 93   m

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Schuyler Mansion, Albany The Schuyler Mansion is a historic house in Albany, New York that you should visit if you are a lover of history. This historic house, located at 32 Catherine Street is an official National Historic Landmark. It was built in 1830 and later turned into a museum.

Image Credit: Flickr

You will want to get there before the sun rises so that you can take in the best light show possible. The fascinating history of the Schuyler Mansion is interesting. It all began in 1760, when Philip Schuyler was only 28 years old. The house has been renovated several times over the years but remains a beautiful, elegant structure. It is located in Albany, NY. Albany, NY was once a backwater trading point during the Dutch colonial period.

It was enclosed by walls to keep out Indians and French. The Schuylers lived beyond the wall, and visitors first saw it through a small gate at the Hudson River. Once the home of prominent local families, the Schuyler Mansion was also used. Philip Schuyler, a furrier friend and Mayor Erastus Corning’s friend, bought the property in 1815 and put up the elaborate early 19th-century mantels. The couple had eight children together over the next years. After that, Ezekiel Mclntosh, an investor, purchased the property. In 1855, the businessman died and his widow sold their property.

More Details About Schuyler Mansion in Albany, NY

Website: https://parks.ny.gov/historic-sites/33/details.aspx
Address: 32 Catherine St, Albany, NY 12202, United States
Contact:  +1 518-434-0835
Built: 1761–1765
Area: 9   ha

The Egg Albany

The Egg Albany is a New York performing arts venue. The structure was designed by Harrison & Abramovitz and built between 1966 & 1978. The Ballroom, located at the northeast corner on the Plaza, is open all year for concerts, plays and other events. The first American Music Festival was held here in 1976. Although the original design has been retained, it has seen many changes in ownership.

Image Credit: Flickr

Two theaters are featured at the Egg: the Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre, and the Lewis A. Swyer Theatre. Each theatre can seat 450 people. This venue hosts a wide range of performers. It is also home to the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company which has been performing there for more than 28 years. The Egg is also used for concerts during the summer, and outdoor performances in the warmer months. The official website has more information about the Albany Egg, including upcoming events. The Egg Albany is a cultural center for Albany and offers a variety of performances.

The Lewis A. Swyer Theatre can hold 450 people, while the Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre can seat 982. The ARC River Culture Pavilion hosts many performing acts. You can view some of these events online, or in local newspapers. This will allow you to get a sense of the city’s energy.

More Details About The Egg Albany

Website: http://www.theegg.org/
Address: Agency Building 1, S Mall Arterial, Albany, NY 12203, United States
Contact:  +1 518-473-1845
Capacity: 1,432

Hudson River Cruise

The Hudson River today looks serene with its gentle flowing currents and forested background. But this river has witnessed a wide range of historic events over the past 400 years. Henry Hudson, an English explorer and explorer, set out on a voyage sponsored in 1609 by the Dutch East India Company to discover a route to China.

Image Credit: Rawpixel

Hudson instead found the river which has been named in his honor. Hudson sailed up the river towards Albany, the current-day capital of the Dutch East India Company. Here he established a trading post. Because the river was full beavers, the Dutch named the area Beverwyck (Beaver Town), which made it profitable for fur traders.

The English renamed the New Netherland colony as the New York colony in 1664. This was in honor of James, Duke of York and Albany who later became King of England (James II). The completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 marked a significant moment in history. It provided a link for transportation from Albany’s Hudson River to Lake Erie further upstate. Albany was made the commercial center of upstate New York by the Erie Canal, which allowed it to flourish and grow.

More Details About Hudson River Cruise

Website: https://www.hudsonrivercruises.com/
Address: 1 E Strand St, Kingston, NY 12401, United States
Contact:  +1 845-340-4700

New York State Capitol

New York State Capitol The New York State Capitol, a historic building located in Albany, New York, is stunning. It is the Empire States’ seat of government and one of Albany’s most visited attractions. It is located on State Street, Capitol Park. This building allows you to see the political life in the Empire States.

Image Credit: Flickr

This building is part the Empire Stat Plaza complex that houses important landmarks and historical buildings. The original design of the building was inspired by French Gothic style. Thomas Fuller designed ground floor in Classical Romanesque design. Leopold Eidlitz, who took over the design of the ground floor in Classical Romanesque style in 1894, completed the second and threerd floors in Renaissance Classical style.

You can see the Renaissance style on the exterior floors with light columns. After Eidlitz resigned, Governor Frank Black reduced the construction budget. Teddy Roosevelt declared the building completed in 1898 but not before the stairway. The original design for the New York State Capitol was to have a central court with a dome that could support it. This building was not completed, and the weight of it caused stress fractures. To prevent the structure from shifting towards State Street, it had to be improved. The architect was able to add a 166-foot Eastern Staircase as support to the front facade. Reservations are required for the NewYork State Capital.

More Details About New York State Capitol

Website: https://empirestateplaza.ny.gov/
Address: State St. and, Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12224, United States
Contact:  +1 518-474-2418
Launch: 1867
Height: 67   m
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