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A day In The Pink City Of India: Jaipur

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A day In The Pink City Of India: Jaipur.

A bustling city dating to the early 18th century, Jaipur is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Jaipur is one of the most visited travel destinations in India. The city was first declared as the capital of the Kachwaha rulers. Today Jaipur beautifully preserves its culture and heritage which is quite conspicuous in the lifestyle of the locals. Jaipur is widely known as the Pink City because of the color of the old city buildings which were plastered in terra-cotta-colored lime.

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Pink City

Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Known for its historic and beautifully architecture buildings; Jaipur attracts several visitors every year. The city is also famed for arts, handicrafts, etc. There are a few historic forts in Jaipur that make excellent places to visit. These forts include Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort and the Nahargarh Fort. The City Palace is one of the most imposing pieces of architecture in Jaipur. The complex of the City Palace is divided into different sections and also features expansive gardens. 

The Jal Mahal is also a unique structure standing amidst a lake. Jaipur is often associated with the Hawa Mahal which was built as an extension of the City Palace and features more than 950 windows. Jaipur also houses numerous gardens like the Ram Niwas Garden, Central Park, Sisodia Rani Palace and Garden, etc. The Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing is a unique museum to visit. The museum is dedicated to the customary art of block hand printing.

Why Jaipur Attracts A Lot  Of Tourists

Rajasthan’s state capital, Jaipur also known as Pink City, attracts a lot of tourism because of its historical landmarks. With easy connectivity from almost all the major cities in India, it is now easy for culture and history enthusiasts to experience the authentic Rajasthani culture. The beautiful city is jewelled with many fortified palaces, hotels and resorts for a royal stay

There is a lot of shopping that visitors can enjoy in Jaipur. Whether it is gems, jewels, clothing, antiques, footwear or handicrafts; Jaipur offers a variety of things to shop for. Some good places to shop in Jaipur are Johari Bazaar, Chameliwala Market,Surajpol Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, etc. Visitors should not feel shy and bargain as much as they can.

We will leave you with a photo gallery of The Pink City- Jaipur.

Traditional Jaipuri Chappals

Yes, I like them

Awesome collection and authentic too

 Shoe making factory

Shoe making process

Traditional ornaments

Colorful bangles

Mehndi and Heena

Jaipuri quilt

Traditional textile factory

Jaipuri bedsheet

Spoilt for choice

Jaipuri souvenirs

Scriptures in its original form

The royal one

The keepers of this traditional art form

The Taj

Chachaji knows leather from the back of his hand

We stayed at Magenta Hotel

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If you wish to go on a local tour and wish to buy from local shops and wish to have a local guided tour you can contact Mohd. Tayyab, my friend.

His contact number is given, below:


How to Reach Jaipur from Delhi

You can either take a short and inexpensive flight, or go the budget route and take the train. It’s also possible to take a bus or drive yourself if you need more flexibility. We drove to Jaipur and it took us approximately 6 hours.

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