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Sheffield: 9 Best Places To Visit In Sheffield, UK

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Attractions And Places To Visit In Sheffield, UK

Sheffield is an exciting and dynamic city, 160 miles north of London. Its unique blend of countryside charm and urban energy has led it to be ranked as one of the greenest cities in England.

The city features an extensive range of museums, shopping areas, and restaurants. Explore the best of Sheffield with our itinerary and discover why this city is a great place to visit.

Sheffield is home to three museums showcasing the city’s history. The Kelham Island Museum, which was once a 19th century iron foundry, showcases the city’s rich industrial heritage.

The museum’s collection includes a preserved Bessemer Converter, WW2 munitions, and mechanical components, such as the crankshaft of a Spitfire.

It also houses a fully functional 19th-century steam engine, which once powered an iron mill. The city also has an active spoken word and poetry scene.

Places To Visit In Sheffield

You can find events like Wordlife in the city, which hosts poetry readings and events. Verse Matters, a poetry night hosted by the Moor Theatre Deli, is another place to catch a live show.

You can also check out some of the many writers in the city at poetry venues, such as The Poetry Business. If you’re looking to catch a play, the city has two large theatres.

The Crucible Theatre, which is a grade II listed building, hosts many stage productions throughout the year.

It won the Barclays Theatre of the Year Award in 2001 and underwent a PS15 million refurbishment between 2007 and 2009.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens #1

Sheffield Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden in Sheffield, England. This 19-acre park features 5,000 different species of plants.

It is located just off Ecclesall Road and is a great place for families to visit. The garden features a beautiful Japanese garden, a Japanese maple forest, a tropical forest, and more.

The Sheffield Botanical Gardens is a beautiful park and botanical garden, located about a mile from the city centre.

The grounds are a wonderful place to relax and explore, and they’re close to Sheffield University and Hallam’s Collegiate.

This beautiful place is also a great place to visit if you’re in the area, but it’s a little out of the way for city folk.

Places To Visit In Sheffield
Clarkehouse Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S10 2LN, United Kingdom

The main entrance is at the north-east corner of the site from Clarkehouse Road and features a classical gateway with lodges.

There are also secondary entrances, including one in Thompson Road. A grade II-listed iron-caged turnstile is located in one of these locations.

The Gardens are open 364 days a year. To reach the Sheffield Botanical Gardens, use public transport. Buses run from the city centre to Ecclesall Road every 20 minutes.

Tickets cost between $3 and $5, and the journey takes about 11 minutes. Alternatively, download Moovit, a free transit app. It has over ninety million users and works on both iOS and Android devices.

The Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield #2

The Kelham Island Museum, a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, features interactive galleries and craftsmen on site.

The museum focuses on the history of steelmaking and includes an interactive craftroom. Visitors are encouraged to learn about the different processes used in the steelmaking process.

On-site craftsmen demonstrate different aspects of the steelmaking process and answer questions.

The Kelham Island Museum is located on the southern bank of the River Don in Sheffield, about 15 minutes’ walk from Sheffield Town Hall.

The museum is also accessible via the city’s light rail and bus services. The museum features permanent and changing exhibits that tell the story of Sheffield’s industrial past.

The museum also hosts regular exhibitions that explore the social and scientific aspects of the area. The Kelham Island Museum is a must-see attraction in Sheffield.

Places To Visit In Sheffield
 Alma St, Sheffield S3 8SA, United Kingdom

The museum covers the history of the city’s steelmaking industry and offers many interactive galleries and demonstrations. It also features a children’s indoor play area and a café for visitors.

Admission is around PS7 for adults and free for children under 16 years old. Parking is free in the museum’s parking lot. There is also an overflow car park at the Fat Cat pub, adjacent to the museum.

The Kelham Island Museum is an excellent choice for a family trip to Sheffield. The museum is situated in the city’s oldest industrial district.

Visitors can learn about the history of steelmaking and other industries through interactive galleries. It also contains the largest working steam engine in the UK.

It offers a unique opportunity to explore the history of Sheffield’s industry, from the industrial revolution to the two world wars.

Sheffield Cathedral #3

Sheffield Cathedral is the Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul in Sheffield, United Kingdom. It is part of the Sheffield diocese of the Church of England.

It was originally a parish church but was elevated to cathedral status in 1914, when the diocese was established.

Today, the cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in England and is a popular tourist destination.

The Cathedral sits on a large paved area surrounded by small patches of lawn. The building is made of local stone, and it has undergone extensive cleaning in recent years.

Its towering Spire stands tall in the center. The Cathedral also has an extension that protrudes from the main structure. A belltower was damaged in a previous fire in 1979.

Sheffield Cathedral is accessible by public transport. There is a tram stop located near the churchyard. All four tram lines serve this stop.

Church St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 1HA, United Kingdom

The trams began running between the Cathedral and Rotherham Parkgate on 25 October 2018.

There is no on-street parking near the Cathedral, but you can find parking in the tram platforms at Campo Lane.

Sheffield Cathedral is a Grade I listed building. It was renovated in 2014, and it now provides a welcoming, bright interior for worship.

It is also fully accessible to all visitors. The Cathedral also houses the Cathedral Archer Project, which provides ministry to the poor and disadvantaged areas of the city.

The Archer Project also offers educational spaces for local students, artists, and musicians.

The Weston Park Museum in Sheffield #4

The Weston Park Museum is located in Weston Park, one mile from the city centre of Sheffield. It is housed in a Grade II* listed building. The museum is managed by Museums Sheffield.

It was previously known as the Mappin Art Gallery and Sheffield City Museum. It is home to a large collection of objects spanning many centuries and eras.

The Weston Park Museum has many permanent exhibitions and temporary ones, making it ideal for children and families of all ages.

The museum also hosts regular events and activities to keep children entertained. From ancient Egyptian artefacts to a traditional butcher shop, there is something for everyone at the Weston Park Museum.

Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TP, United Kingdom

The museum’s new addition is scheduled to open in 2021, with a focus on the city’s railway history. Its old building, built in the 1740s, is an excellent place to spend a day with kids.

The museum is open on weekends and is free to enter. There is also an outdoor play area for children and a large lake.

The Weston Park Museum is housed in an elegant neo-classical building.

The permanent exhibitions are very diverse, including a gallery dedicated to Ancient Egypt, with activities such as dressing up like Egyptians.

There is also a gallery dedicated to natural history, with displays such as ‘What on Earth!’

The National Emergency Services Museum #5

The National Emergency Services Museum is located in Sheffield, England.

It originally opened on 8 May 1984 as the Sheffield Fire and Police Museum, and changed its name to the National Emergency Services Museum on 1 January 2014.

Visiting the museum will allow you to learn about and get involved with the work of emergency services all over the world.

The National Emergency Services Museum is a registered charity that features exhibits about emergency services.

It is open from Wednesday to Sunday, with extended hours during school holidays. The museum also hosts special events throughout the year.

There is limited space, and you must pre-book tickets. However, you can learn about the work of the emergency services by interacting with the artifacts in a hands-on manner.

Old Police/Fire Station, W Bar, Sheffield S3 8PT, United Kingdom

A visit to the National Emergency Services Museum is a great way to learn about the history of emergency services in the United Kingdom.

The museum is located in a converted fire station and features the only surviving fire brigade observation tower in the UK.

Visitors will also find a variety of displays on law and order, as well as social history. Volunteers maintain the museum, which is open on Bank Holidays and Sundays.

The museum also has several interactive exhibits. Visitors can explore police cells and police vehicles.

They can also view relics from previous crimes and enjoy a huge model railway display.

Using lights, smoke, and sound, the museum creates an emergency environment that gives visitors a real sense of what to do in an emergency situation. There are also cafes on the premises.

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet Museum in Sheffield #6

If you’re in Sheffield and have a love of history, you may be interested in visiting the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.

This museum is set in a former steel-working site on the River Sheaf and has a history that dates back to the 13th century.

Here, you can explore the history of the site and learn about the people who lived and worked there.

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet was a major producer of agricultural tools and was the largest water-powered industrial site on the River Sheaf.

The crucible steel furnace built in the 1830s supplied quality steel for the making of scythes and sharpening tools.

Other structures include tilt forges, water wheels, and workers’ cottages. Prior to the establishment of steel mills, metalworking took place in hamlet communities.

The Abbeydale area was a natural resource for metalworking because of its proximity to rivers and dams.

Abbeydale Rd S, Beauchief, Sheffield S7 2QW, United Kingdom

In fact, water power powered many of the industries in the area, including those at the Abbeydale Industrial Museum.

Visitors can now tour the restored 18th-century forges and see a working water wheel. The museum is located four miles southwest of Sheffield, along the A621 road towards the Peak District.

The museum’s All About Abbeydale gallery includes timelines of Abbeydale’s history, interactive displays, and multimedia guides.

The interactive displays help consolidate learning while keeping young hands busy.

Graves Art Gallery in Sheffield #7

Located in Sheffield, the Graves Art Gallery focuses on 20th Century British and European art. With tall ceilings and a minimalist design, it features a diverse range of work by leading artists.

You can find paintings by some of the biggest names in art, and the gallery’s collection traces the history of art from the late 18th century to the present.

It also hosts important touring exhibitions. The gallery also boasts an excellent cafe.

The gallery is located on the third floor of the city’s Central Library, and has been the focal point of visual art in the area since 1934.

Its impressive collection includes works by Cezanne, Picasso, Burne-Jones, Turner, and Bridget Riley. It is also home to beautiful art deco gates and bannisters.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere or an inspiring exhibit, a visit to the Graves Art Gallery will make you feel right at home.

Surrey St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 1XZ, United Kingdom

In addition to the paintings, the gallery will host an exhibition of Graves’ music recordings. These unreleased recordings are composed of sounds generated by the human heart.

The artist spent almost four decades investigating the correlation between percussive instruments and the human heartbeat.

He called his work “biological music” and considered it a mind-body affair. The two gongs on display were hand-painted by Graves’ wife.

Graves was drafted into the US Army during World War II. He applied for conscientious objection status, but was refused. He was imprisoned for eleven months.

He was later released after a military psychologist declared him unfit for service. The artist then moved to Seattle and became part of the artistic community.

Sheffield Town Hall #8

Sheffield Town Hall is a landmark of the city, constructed from the Stoke Hall Quarry stone. It is 64 metres high and decorated with carvings by F. W. Pomeroy.

The tower is topped by a statue of Vulcan. The building was officially opened by Queen Victoria on April 8, 1890. She opened the building with a key she had on her carriage.

When she turned the key, three men were hidden in the tower and waited outside until the bell rang. The first floor of Sheffield Town Hall contains a gallery and a Lord Mayor’s Parlour.

It also contains a beautiful statue of Queen Victoria, and carvings by F.W. Pomeroy that represent the industries of Sheffield.

Visitors can also take photographs of the Queen in the Queen’s Parlour, and take part in public exhibitions and events at the Town Hall.

Pinstone St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2HH, United Kingdom

The third Sheffield Town Hall was designed by Edward William Mountford, a London architect. It was completed in 1897 and has a tower more than 100ft high.

The tower is topped with a statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and metalworking. The tower’s walls are five feet thick and its dome is made from copper.

Sheffield Town Hall is a Grade I listed building that is used for public events. It also houses a public display of silverware.

It is located on the Fargate in the city center and was opened by Queen Victoria herself by remote control from her carriage. The building has four function rooms and six meeting rooms.

The Bishop’s House #9

The Bishop’s House is one of Sheffield’s half-timbered houses, built around 1500. It is situated in Meersbrook Park and is one of just three timber-framed houses still standing in Sheffield.

The historic house is worth a visit if you’re in the city. It has many fascinating features, including an incredibly large oak staircase and fireplaces.

The house is now primarily an office space, but there are also several rooms for staff.

The back annex, constructed in the 1970s above the Parish Office and garage, contains a few rooms that were once offices. Many Boise residents opposed the demolition of the historic building.

However, the Boise City Council overruled St. Luke’s permit in March 2013. Boise City Council members voted in favor of saving the Bishop’s House if it could be relocated.

 Norton Lees Ln, Meersbrook, Sheffield S8 9BE, United Kingdom

The oldest parts of the building were built around 1500. Today, you can still see many of the original furnishings and fittings.

The rooms in the Bishop’s House tell the story of the house from the past and display various items from the house’s contents. It also has amazing views of the city.

Guided tours are available upon booking. The Bishop’s House is located at S.E. Madison and is a great historical and local spot for a visit to Sheffield.

Its location is adjacent to two churches – St. Paul’s Church and Old S.K.H. Kei Yan Primary School, which was once the south wing of St. Paul’s College.

FAQs about Sheffield, UK

What is special about Sheffield?

Sheffield is home to the World Snooker Championship and the oldest football club on the planet. With a wide range of top-quality facilities and a rich sporting heritage, Sheffield is the UK’s first National City of Sport.

Where does Sheffield rank in the UK?

According to the 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, we are among the 50 most internationally ranked universities in the world. The University ranks 48th in the United States and 14th in Great Britain.

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