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9 Beautiful Beaches In Seattle For A Beach Vacation

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Tourist Attractions : Best Beaches In Seattle For A Beach Vacation

Seattle is a port town surrounded on one side by saltwater Puget Sound and on the other by freshwater Lake Washington. Seattle has a number of wonderful places to visit. 

If you want to find some serenity in Seattle, then the beaches are the perfect place for you. It’s not surprising that locals and tourists flock to the beaches of Seattle during the 90 days a year when the weather cooperates.

These local beaches offer a variety of fun activities and exciting bars, restaurants, and beach neighborhoods. It’s time for Seattleites to get their sunglasses and towels out.

Seattle is home to a variety of parks. Many of these are located along the 200 miles of coastline and offer a variety of beaches. You’re sure to find a beach that suits your needs, whether you want to relax, go hiking, or swim.

Seattle is known for its gray skies and rainy weather, but it’s also home to some beautiful summers.

Summer months are marked by long, sunny days with clear skies. Sunsets can be spectacular as late as nine o’clock at night.

These are the 9 best beaches in Seattle to relax on.

Alki Beach # 1

Alki Beach, which juts out into Puget Sound, is located in West Seattle. West Seattle has a beach-town vibe, so go there to enjoy the sand and shore, as well as the beach lifestyle.

This is a great place to go on sunny spring and summer days, but it is also nice for rainy and gray fall and winter days.

Enjoy the incredible view of Seattle from across Elliott Bay, with Mt. Rainier is in the distance.

It is a great place to relax. It has volleyball courts, a sandy shore, a walking path, and a spectacular view of the skyline. 

Alki Beach

Alki Beach gets crowded in the summer. There are many restaurants, bars, and cafes in this laid-back neighborhood.

You can enjoy the Puget Sound and the coastline by walking the 1.7 mile beachfront path starting at Luna Park. Along the way, you’ll find waterfront restaurants and boat ramps.

Carkeek Park # 2

Carkeek Park, located in North Seattle offers breathtaking views of Puget Sound as well as the Olympic Mountains. The park’s 220-acre property also features miles of hiking trails and playgrounds as well as a picnic area and an orchard.

Carkeek’s large beach is where kids love to play, and especially during hot days. The pedestrian bridge, which crosses over the train tracks to reach Puget Sound, is also popular with children.

Carkeek Park

Residents and visitors have loved the park for more than 120 years. The park has seen many changes over the years. The park was formerly a performance space, a farm with zoo animal, and a treatment plant for sewage. 

The park has become a relaxing oasis for residents and visitors. The park is a popular destination for hiking and hosts an annual art exhibit.

Madison Park # 3

Madison Park, a quieter and well-maintained beach, is located between Washington Park Arboretum, and Lake Washington. The beach offers views of the Cascade Mountains and a tennis court.

Madison Park

It also has a playground. Explore the neighborhood that shares its name or stop by the Seattle Japanese Garden en route to or from the beach.

Madrona Beach # 4

Madrona, a stunning and exclusive Seattle neighborhood located on the shores Lake Washington. You will find here a charming business district with picturesque streets and a stunning view of Lake Washington, as well as Downtown Bellevue.

Madrona Beach in Seattle is a great place to relax. Pack a picnic, and enjoy the beach, swimming, or playing.

Madrona Beach

The park is a favorite destination of locals who visit it all year round. A large picnic area combined with a swimming beach that is patrolled and ample parking makes this park a popular destination.

Madrona Beach may not be as large as other Seattle beaches but it is still a popular swimming spot. From late May until late August, lifeguards are in duty.

Seward Park # 5

Seward Park in Seattle is a great choice if you want to spend a relaxing day by the water on a quiet beach. The 300 acres of old growth forest and grassy coast in this large urban park at the Bailey Peninsula ensure that it never feels crowded.

Seward Park

A 2.4-mile cycling and walking trail loops the park with stunning views. In the park’s forests, shorelines and beaches you can find nests of eagles and other wildlife.

The park is a popular destination among locals and tourists alike. It also forms part of the international flyway birding network. This is a great place for dog owners and families.

Denny Blaine Park # 6

Denny Blaine Park, located on Lake Washington, is a popular summer destination. The park is popular with lesbians, queers and nudists.

Nudist Beach in the park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the weather. The grassy beach has many areas to picnic.

Denny Blaine Park

There are plenty of volleyball courts and a large middle grass bed. The park is close to other parks such as Viretta Park or Howell Park.

The neighborhood was named for Charles Denny, and Elbert Blane. After the Madrona Trolley Line was built, the neighborhood was annexed.

Mount Baker Beach # 7

Mount Baker Beach can be found in Mount Baker Park, which is located on the shores Lake Washington. 

This beach is a great place to spend a weekend as it has many outdoor activities and the opportunity to enjoy the cool waters of the lake. 

Mount Baker Beach

The playground is for children, there are tennis courts and a wide path that leads to Lake Washington Boulevard. There are also diving boards, fishing piers, and lifeguards on the beach for visitors’ safety.

Discovery Park # 8

This beach, located in Seattle’s biggest city park, is named appropriately. It features two miles of protected tidal shorelines. It offers a variety of activities, with both forest and dunes. 

Discovery Park

The park offers views to both the Olympics and Cascades, even though the beach is located on Puget Sound. West Point Lighthouse exploration is highly recommended.

Olympic Sculpture Park # 9

This is technically more of a park than a beach and more museum than a park, but it’s worth visiting. 

Olympic Sculpture Park, which is part of the Seattle Art Museum, offers free admission for all visitors. It marries art with nature by using sculptures. 

Olympic Sculpture Park

The 9-acre park includes a beach in Elliott Bay, which offers another spectacular view of the Olympics. Is there anything better than a beach that is surrounded by both natural and man-made artwork?

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