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7 Exciting Festivals In Europe

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Travel Attractions – Upcoming Festivals in Europe

Europe is, in many ways the cultural capital of the West. The continent is a dream destination for travelers, thanks to its rich history and many languages. 

Paris, Prague, Italy, Vienna are all long-standing centers for art, music and theatre. It’s no surprise that Europe has the largest festivals in the world. 

The European music festivals celebrate everything, from folk music to metal music to modern art to natural beauty. You should visit all of them. 

These upcoming 7 Festivals in Europe are a great addition to your Euro trip itinerary and must be experienced at least once in your lifetime.

Europe offers something for everyone, whether it’s music, food, nature, or something completely different.

Check out some of the best upcoming festivals that you can’t miss this year. From Reading & Leeds Festival to Sziget Festival, these festivals are sure to put your musical taste on overdrive. If you’ve been missing these festivals in the past, now’s your chance to catch them again.

Now’s the time to enjoy the best upcoming festivals in Europe!

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1. Ibiza’s Rock En Seine– 25 – 28 Aug 2022

The Ibiza-based rock festival is making its way to France. In 2022, it will take over the Domaine National du Parc de Saint-Cloud for four days. The line-up will feature headline performances from top international bands in a variety of music genres.

There are several stages where you can see the bands perform live. The festival website has more information about the artists.

2. Edinburgh Festival Fringe – 5 – 29 Aug 2022

It is simply known as the Fringe and it is one of the most important August festivals Europe 2022. It is also the largest festival of art in the world.

In 2017, the Fringe had 53,232 performances at 3398 shows across 300 venues throughout the Scottish city.

The events cover theatre, dance and opera as well as music and art. They are open to all. Edinburgh Comedy Awards, which are presented to the best comedy shows, give the festival a greater profile. In 2022, the Edinburgh festival will be the largest festival in Europe.

3. Oktoberfest – 17 Sep, 2022 – 3 Oct, 2022

The Oktoberfest Germany, one of Europe’s top beer festivals, is Bavaria’s most significant period of celebration. It is also one of Europe’s top September festivals. 

The festival, which is held mainly in Munich, Germany, is a celebration of Bavarian culture.

It was established in 1810. The festival brings the city to a halt, and there are many food and beer stalls. One of the most important festivals in Europe is highlighted by parades in traditional costumes, held by riflemen and restaurateurs.

4. La Tomatina Festival – 31 Aug, 2022

La Tomatina, which is held in Bunol, is one of the largest European food festival. It’s all about the food fight, particularly with tomatoes. 

You can witness the vibrant red hue being applied to the streets as tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown at one another. 

It’s not just locals who get to enjoy this fun, but messy, festival in Spain. Only 20,000 people are eligible to win tickets to this event. This is the most loved European food festival. You can learn more about it by visiting this La Tomatina Festival guide.

5. Dead Good Fun – 2 Nov, 2022

You will see something completely different at this festival than what you normally see at festivals. This festival takes place in rural Galicia. The devout Spaniards who have survived near-death experiences in the last year are paraded through the streets in coffins.

It is one of the most traditional festivals in Europe. This is believed to be a thanksgiving ceremony of Santa Marta and God. Following the Spanish funeral rules, relatives and friends follow the coffins.

6. Creamfields – 25-28 August 2022

Creamfields is a unique series of dance music festivals. Cream, a British club promoter, founded the festival and organized it. It began as a one day festival and now lasts four days. Visitors can even camp at the festival. 

This is one of the most respected dance festivals on Earth. It has everything you need, no matter what electronic music you like.

7. Dimensions Festival – 1 – 5 Sep, 2022

The Dimensions Festival, one of the most popular festivals in Croatia, is a celebration of Croatian music and dance. This festival is unique in its focus on electronic music.

It features a mix of soul, techno and drums.


Europe is an expert at partying, thanks to its many cultures and centuries of experience. A normal mix of music festivals, carnivals, medieval fairs and national holidays could ignite a fire in even the most jaded sightseer.

You should keep an eye out to see if there are any major events that match your itinerary. Even festivals that you don’t like are worth noting. If you are planning to visit Munich in the early autumn, make sure to check out this year’s Oktoberfest dates. It would be a shame not to go. The beer is usually still available in October, but the majority of the party happens in September. 

Be aware that dates for events can change so make sure you verify with the festival website and local to Europe.

FAQs About Europe

Which is the famous festival of Europe?

Oktoberfest – 17 Sep, 2022 – 3 Oct, 2022
One of the most important festivals on the European continent is highlighted by parades in traditional costumes, held by riflemen and restaurateurs.

Where is the biggest festival in Europe?

Sziget Festival features over 1,000 acts representing a variety of genres. These include blues, jazz, world music, and rock and hip-hop, as well as heavy metal and rock. 
It is also one of Europe’s longest festivals, taking place on Obuda Island, northern Budapest.

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