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Shoreline : 7 Best Things to Do in Shoreline ,Washington

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Shoreline, a mid-sized city of 56,752 residents, is located just 15 minutes from Seattle.

Shoreline is a perfect blend of suburban and urban, making it a great place to live and work. Shoreline is in a great location. The Shoreline community is active, passionate, and fun.

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It is possible to plan a short side trip from Seattle or Victoria. It is possible to return to it one day to relax and take a break at Shoreline.

Although Shoreline is not as well-known as other American cities, don’t let this fool you. Shoreline is an upcoming, smaller tourist destination that is well worth the visit. This hidden gem offers many unique activities and places to explore.

It is possible to plan a short side trip from Seattle or Victoria. It is possible to return to it one day to relax and take a break at Shoreline.

Best Time to Visit in Shoreline

The summers in Shoreline are brief, pleasant, dry, and partially cloudy. While the winters can be very cold, wet and cloudy, they are also short, comfortable, and dry.  The best season to visit Shoreline is between late July and late August.

Boeing Creek Park Shoreline ,WA # 1

You’ll notice the densely tree-lined trails and leaf-covered paths that lead to Boeing Creek Park. Here you can enjoy amazing views of nature while hiking alongside Boeing Creek. For an afternoon of peace, rest your feet beside Hidden Lake after you reach the end of the Boeing Creek Trail.

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Boeing Creek provide urban escapes that every resident needs. It’s like stepping under the trees and following the sparkling creek. These parks offer a variety of trails that allow children to get up close and personal with the forest. Boeing Creek is designed to be explored at a child’s pace.

More Details About Boeing Creek Park

Address : Shoreline, WA 98133, United States
Phone : N/A
Website : Boeing Creek Park

 Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Shoreline, WA #2

Since Dr. Art Kruckeberg and Mareen established the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden in 1960, many people have enjoyed the peaceful, four-acre park. You’ll find more than 21,000 native and exotic plants, trees, plants, greenhouses and Japanese-inspired garden.

Image Source : seattleandsound

In 1958, Prof. Arthur Rice Kruckeberg of the University of Washington and Mareen Schultz Kruckeberg started the garden. In 1998, a foundation was established to protect their garden. In 2003, the easement was granted to ensure that the garden will remain in perpetuity.
It contains both native and non-native species, mostly from China and Japan. The garden includes conifers such as hemlocks, sequoias pines and firs as well as hardwoods like oaks and maples. There are also notable displays of cyclamens and wood sorrel.

More Details About  Kruckeberg Botanic Garden

Address : 20312 15th Ave NW, Shoreline, WA 98177, United States
Phone : +1 206-546-1281
Website :  Kruckeberg Botanic Garden

Shoreline Historical Museum Shoreline , WA#3

Shoreline was the city that founded the Shoreline Museum in 1976 as part of its Bicentennial Project. The museum’s extensive collection includes Shoreline memorabilia as well as cultural exhibits. Additionally, the museum has several traveling exhibitions such as Once Upon a Time In Playland and The Duwamish People, Ronald Bog.

Image Source : Flickr

For a quick look at Shoreline’s past, you can visit the Shoreline Museum on Tuesday through Saturday between 10 and 4 p.m.

More Details About Shoreline Historical Museum

Address :  18501 Linden Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133, United States
Phone : +1 206-542-7111
Website : Shoreline Historical Museum

Dockside Cannabis Shoreline ,WA#4

Dockside Cannabis is a popular choice for Shoreline residents as well as visitors due to its unique and welcoming environment and high-quality cannabis products.

Dockside Cannabis is a great place to get to know the owners and to see the exciting future of cannabis. You’ll find the best marijuana in Shoreline, WA, whether you come alone or with your family.

Image Source : herbanplanet

More Details About Dockside Cannabis

Address : 15029 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133, United States
Phone : +1 206-531-0156
Website : Dockside Cannabis

WhirlyBall Shoreline , WA#5

Whirlyball will be the best year-round fun! Whirlyball can be described as a competitive 5 on 5 bumper car sport. The scoop is used to shoot, block, and pass. The bumper car is extremely mobile. You will find a backboard and a target on each side of court. Our Referees call points and penalties. League play is reserved-based. League play takes place Monday nights for advanced players, while Tuesday nights are for beginners and lower intermediate. Our league coordinators can coach and lead workshops to help players improve their skills. Whirlyball is the best party around…period.

Image Source : yellow.place

More Details About WhirlyBall

Address : 23401 Hwy 99, Edmonds, WA 98026, United States
Phone : +1 425-672-3332
Website : WhirlyBall

Shoreline Library Shoreline , WA#6

In 1947, the Shoreline Library was established in a 450-square foot war-surplus building located at N 178th Street N and Linden Avenue N. It served the community well for over a decade. However, by 1959 the community required a larger library with more services. Barbara Sand, a library board member, led a $45,000 campaign to purchase a site and hire an architectural firm. A pamphlet titled “Our Vanishing Library” was created and distributed to increase public awareness and support for a new Library.

Image Source : Wikimedia

More Details About Shoreline Library

Address : 345 NE 175th St, Shoreline, WA 98155, United States
Phone : +1 206-362-7550
Website : Shoreline Library

Landmark Crest Cinema Center Shoreline , WA#7

Built in 1949, the Crest Theatre was opened. It was situated in Seattle’s Shoreline District, which has been incorporated into the city since 1995. Seven Gables Theatre renovated it in 1979, and made it available with widescreen capabilities. It was the first theater in the country to show “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” in 70mm. The theater was then renamed Crest70.

Image Source : Wikipedia

In 1979, the storefronts were transformed into a small cinema and the main auditorium was triplexed in 1980.

More Details About Landmark Crest Cinema Center

Address : 16505 5th Ave NE, Shoreline, WA 98155, United States
Phone : +1 206-363-6339
Website : Landmark Crest Cinema Center

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