Jackson : 7 Best Places to visit in Jackson, Mississippi


Tourist Attractions in Jackson Mississippi

If you’re looking for a great family day out in Mississippi, consider visiting the Jackson, Mississippi, Arts and Science Center. This cultural attraction features a beautiful rose garden and a planetarium, among other features. Best Places to visit in Jackson

This museum is a great place to learn about the history of the Mississippi Delta. You can also check out the National Register of Historic Places to learn more about the city’s history.

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You can also check out the Mississippi Museum of Modern Art. The museum also features a café and gardens. There’s also the Old Capitol Museum, which is located in a beautiful antebellum building.

Whether you’re interested in art or history, this venue has something for everyone. The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, established in 1961, is another great option for an evening out in Jackson Mississippi.

The Mississippi Children’s Museum is another popular attraction in Jackson. This museum is home to more than 50,000 square feet of interactive displays. It covers topics ranging from geography to history to the blues.

1.Mississippi Museum of Art

The Mississippi Museum of Art fosters relationships with national artists and state-recognized artists. Many of these artists have ancestral connections to Mississippi. 

Artists living in residence seek new perspectives on Mississippi’s cultural relevance in the American story. Our thoughtful programming encourages collaboration and shares exhibits among art institutions across the nation.

380 S Lamar St, Jackson, MS 39201

We believe it’s our responsibility as community members to look at every aspect of Mississippi’s history. The Mississippi Museum of Art will create a space for everyone in Mississippi, where there is peace, wonder, and voice.

2.Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum can be found in Jackson, Mississippi. Its mission it to document, exhibit and educate the public about American Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi between 1945-1970. After Governor Haley Barbour had testified for its funding, the Mississippi Legislature granted $20 million to the museum. 2013 was the year that ground was broken

222 North St #2205, Jackson, MS 39201

The museum opened its doors on December 9, 2017. The Mississippi Department of Archives and History administers the museum. John Horhn from Mississippi is the Mississippi State Senator. It is the first US-funded civil rights museum.

3.Mississippi Children’s Museum

The Mississippi Children’s Museum offers a variety of children’s museums in Jackson, Mississippi as well Meridian, Mississippi. The Jackson location is part of the LeFleur’s Bluff Education and Tourism Complex. In 2021, the National Medal for Museum and Library Service award was presented to this museum.

2145 Museum Blvd, Jackson, MS 39202

The Mississippi Children’s Museum has won numerous awards and offers engaging and interactive exhibits and programs to children and families. Their 50,000-square-foot facility allows visitors to explore Mississippi’s history, culture, literacy and science.

The Literacy Garden is the newest addition to the campus. It features whimsical, literary-inspired sculptures, innovative technologies, native plants, as well as an edible garden. These all help to draw children into the creative, endless worlds of stories and imagination.

4.Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Francis A. Cook established the museum as part of the Mississippi Game and Fish Commission in 1933. Francis ‘Fannie’ Cook led a drive for the establishment of the Game and Fish Commission during the 1920s. They also had traveling education exhibits at the state and local fairs. 

Cook also wrote the state’s initial game laws in 1932. He became the museum’s director when the Commission was established. The schoolchildren and educational establishments have been the main participants in the last 70 years.

2148 Riverside Dr, Jackson, MS 39202

The museum is located within LeFleur’s Bluff State Park. It houses aquariums, habitat displays, and nature trails that are devoted to the Mississippi flora-and fauna. 

The state’s systematic collections are also housed in the museum, with more than a half million specimens of fishes, reptiles amphibians, birds and mammals, invertebrates plants, and fossils.

5.LeFleur’s Bluff State Park Mayes Lake

LeFleur’s Bluff is an oasis of green in the heart Jackson. The park, which covers 305 acres, offers camping, fishing and picnic spots as well as nature trails. Additionally, there is a nine-hole driving range and a golf course. Louis LeFleur, an French-Canadian explorer,

named the park after him. He established a trading post along the Pearl River’s banks late in the 1700s. Jackson was originally known by the name “LeFleur’s Bluff”.

3315 Lakeland Terrace, Jackson, MS 39216

Mississippi’s vibrant capital city blends the warmth and charm from its rich cultural heritage, with new attractions and lifestyles. Jackson has a wealth of museums and shopping options. There are also many events to keep you entertained.

6.The Jackson Zoo

Jackson Zoo is an American zoo. It was established in 1919. The Jackson Zoo is situated in the historic 110-acre Livingston Park. It receives around 85,000 visitors annually from Mississippi, and the surrounding states. 

Every school year, approximately 22,000 schoolchildren visit the zoo. The Jackson Zoo ranks second in the state as the largest zoo.

2918 W Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39209

Samuel Livingston, a landowner of 79 acres (320,000m2), was sold to Jackson in 1916. This undeveloped land was situated on the outskirts town. Around 1919, a group of firefighters had begun collecting animals and were housing them at the Chamber of Commerce Building.

7.National Monument Medgar & Myrlie Evers Home

The Medgar Evers Home National Monument, also known by Medgar Evers House or Medgar Evers House is a historic house museum that can be found at 2332 Margaret Walker Alexander Drive.

 It was built 1956 and was the home for Medgar Evers (an African-American civil right activist) at the time he was assassinated. It was designated a National Historic Landmark for 2017.

2332 Margaret W Alexander Dr, Jackson, MS 39213

President Donald Trump signed it March 12, 2019, under the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management and Recreation Act. It was made a national landmark on December 10, 2020, when it was acquired from Tugaloo College.

FAQs: Best Places to visit in Jackson

Is Jackson Mississippi worth visiting?

If you’re planning a vacation in the beautiful state of Mississippi, you might want to spend some time in Jackson. This capital city is home to the Mississippi Freedom Trail, which consists of historic sites from the civil rights movement. Stop by the Medgar Evers Home Museum or visit the Mississippi State Capitol building for a glimpse into the past.

What is Jackson Mississippi most known for?

The city’s historic district is a great place to spend time during a stay in Jackson. You can find great art galleries, live music, and many events to take part in. You can also explore the Boyd House, one of the city’s oldest homes, built in 1853. This property survived several Civil War fires and was renovated in the 1960s as the state headquarters of the Colonial Dames of America.

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