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Explore These 6 Beautiful Beaches For A Relaxing Holiday Around Nashville

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Tourist Attractions: Beautiful Beaches Around Nashville

Nashville is home to many attractions and activities. Many holiday destinations are built around beaches, which offer a great way to relax and enjoy the sunshine. 

Nashville offers a number of options for a relaxing getaway. Sometimes you want to relax on a beach and soak up the sunshine.

These beaches are within easy reach of the city, whether you want to find a quiet spot or a beachfront retreat.

Nashville has many nearby lakes and rivers that offer miles of shoreline. It has many popular places to spend a day in the sun (or water).

Tennessee has some of the most stunning lakes in the Southeast. Many of them offer sand beaches, picnic areas and water sports that the entire family can enjoy. 


This article breaks down the closest beaches to Nashville, TN and includes the driving time estimates for each. Continue reading to learn about the best Nashville Beaches to include in your beach vacation list.

This list provides an overview of some of the Southeast’s most popular beaches that are only a short drive from Nashville, Tennessee.

Montgomery Bell State Park # 1

Montgomery Bell State Park is a popular choice. It is located only 40 minutes away from the city, and offers a wide range of outdoor activities. 

The park has 19 miles of hiking paths that take you through thick forests and rocky rivers, while mountain bikers will enjoy 23 miles of dirt trails.

Three lakes are located in the park where you can paddle, kayak, or swim on calm water. There is also a golfing course, and a campground that has 109 RV and tent sites.

The 18-hole course offers lessons and tee time seven days a weeks. All three lakes offer kayaks, pedal boats and canoes for rent.

Watercolor in Florida # 2

Watercolor Beach Club offers exclusive access to Camp Watercolor and the Watercolor Beach Club. Watercolor Beach Club offers multiple dining options and pools located on the beach.

We highly recommend WaterColor in Florida if you want to spend amazing time on a luxury beach vacation near Nashville. 

Families with children will love Camp Watercolor, which features swimming pools, water slides, dining, and a play area.

Watercolor in Florida

Watercolor, a town located just a few minutes away from Seaside offers even more restaurants and shopping options.

WaterColor is the favorite beach for my family because it’s only a 7-hour drive away from Nashville.

Orange Beach, Alabama # 3

Orange Beach in Alabama is a great beach destination among families because it offers wonderful dining experiences, championship golf courses and fishing charters. A variety of places to eat fresh seafood as well as plenty of room to relax on the beach.

You can choose from a range of accommodation options, including national hotel chains and motels, camping, or beach houses.

Orange Beach, Alabama

You can choose from a variety of nightlife options, including family entertainment, rocking roadhouses and dancing.

Orange Beach is only 7 hrs 10 min away from Nashville in Tennessee and has a laid-back atmosphere compared to the beaches of Destin. 

Douglas Lake # 4

Douglas Lake is located at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. It’s a beautiful and active lake. It is visited by more than 1.7 millions people each year. 

This lake is a perfect place to spend some time on the water while visiting the Smoky Mountains. Whether you want to relax in a boat, or splash around, this lake has it all.

Douglas Lake

The Tennessee Valley Authority created the lake in 1943 to generate hydroelectric energy and control floods. It has a total surface area of over 30,000 acres.

The reservoir is surrounded by four counties. It’s fed by the French Broad River. The majority of the 550-mile shoreline belongs to private owners, but there are many places where visitors can access the lake.

Norris Lake # 5

Norris Lake, one of Tennessee’s biggest lakes, has an 809-mile shoreline.

It is also known as Norris Reservoir. The Tennessee Valley Authority built the Norris Dam on the Clinch River at Cove Creek Site in 1936 for flood control, storage of water, and hydroelectricity.

Visitors looking for a perfect location to enjoy all four seasons will love the first lake of the Tennessee Valley Authority. 

Norris Lake

Visitors to the lake must experience houseboats, island camping, and floating houses. Fish and nesting birds benefit from the miles of shoreline. It’s surrounded by wooded acres, three state parks and several WMAs.

Knoxville International Airport is the nearest major airport and only one hour away.

Kentucky Lake # 6

Kentucky Lake is the 25th-largest lake in the United States and the 7th-largest manmade lake. It is 160,300 acres.

This lake offers some of the best sport fishing opportunities in the United States.

Kentucky Lake is a vast lake that offers plenty of room for boaters, anglers and recreational boaters. It also offers a wide range of recreational boating from jet skis, ski boats and pleasure boats. Rent a houseboat or sail the lakes.

Kentucky Lake

The largest body of water in the world between the Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes is located here.

Kentucky Lake is a popular recreational boating destination not only because of its size but also due to the fact that it’s a part of the Great Loop – essentially a waterway that circles the east coast of the United States. 

FAQs About Nashville

What is the best thing about Nashville?

Nashville is not only known for its country music but also for its food. 

What makes Nashville different?

Nashville’s warm hospitality has drawn top talent in music, food, sports, and business. he city has a rich cultural scene, outdoor recreation, concerts, diverse cuisine, and exciting activities.

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