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5 Most Exotic River Journeys For A Memorable Holiday

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Tourist Attraction: 5 Most Exotic River Journeys For A Memorable Holiday

The perfect way to explore new places and see another side of a destination is by traveling along a river. A river trip is a great way to see beautiful scenery and witness wine-rich valleys.

One of the most memorable vacations can be to go on river trip. You will be amazed at natural wonders as well as the man-made engineering feats that you can see as you go under magnificent modern architectural marvels or through intricate lock systems.

River Journey

There are many options you can choose from to make this trip truly unforgettable. Every journey includes information on all the major landmarks, cities and scenery. In short, a river journey can be as relaxing or adventurous as you like.

Here are 5 most exotic river journeys to have an unforgettable and memorable river trips. These were chosen due to the beautiful scenery they pass through and the historical and cultural sites you can visit from side excursions.

Danube, Germany # 1

The river trips give the travelers a chance to experience ancient civilizations from a modern viewpoint. There are so many places to visit on these great rivers that even a one-day trip gives you an idea of the history of such an important trade route.

The Danube River in Europe is the second-longest. It originates in Germany’s Black Forest, and flows through the heartland of “Old Europe.” It crosses 10 countries, including Hungary and Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Serbia, Croatia, and Romania.

Danube, Germany

The river meanders between Melk, Krems. It winds through a broad valley lined with hills, famous for orchards and vineyards. Undoubtedly, this is one of your most exotic river journeys.

You can cruise the Danube to see some of the most stunning cities on the continent. There are castles on every bend of the river, including the gorgeous Schonbuhel Castle. Bratislava then follows Vienna, and then it’s Budapest.

Ganges, India # 2

The Ganges is not only of vital importance for their practical and physical needs, but also has a significant cultural and spiritual significance. Hindus consider the river to be a goddess.

It is a place of pilgrimage and each morning thousands of people enter the water to pray and have their sins washed away. The Gangotri glacier is one of the main sources of the river. The Ganges then joins the ocean via a large river delta in Bay of Bengal.

Ganges, India

There are many temples and towns along the banks of the river. These towns are not only important pilgrimage sites, but they are also the most visited places by travelers due to their cultural importance and the constant changing color of the religious life.

The two most important pilgrimage sites along the river are Allahabad and Varanasi. They’re also the most impressive, bustling, beautifully decorated and filled with shrines. 

The journey takes approximately five days along the river, between the temples. Rightly said one of the most exotic river journeys.

The Ganges is also a popular destination for adventure-sports enthusiasts.

The Yangtze River, China # 3

This river is China’s lifeline. To experience exotic ancient China, you must travel along the Yangtze River. It is an amazing way to enjoy an exotic river journey.

While you are exploring the scenic beauty of the river, you can also enjoy many activities, including sightseeing and excursions on the shore. You can either take a cruise down the Yangtze or you can go on a tour of the Three Gorges.

Yangtze River, China

The three gorges are one of the most iconic picturesque wonders in China. Qutang is the largest and most famous gorge. It is narrowest and most impressive of all three. Wuxia is next.

Wuhan is just beyond the dam system. The river carved Wuhan into three distinct cities, joined by bridges over the Yangtze Rivers and the Hanjiang Rivers.

You can visit the night market to get a glimpse of China’s vibrant, ancient heart. The river flows through Nanjing before reaching Shanghai. This is another city that has a rich history.

Yangtze River, China

Your Yangzi River journey begins in Shanghai and continue to Xian and Chengdu. The tour takes you to incredible historical sites and man-made landmarks.

Aswan to Luxor, Egypt # 4

The best way to explore and experience Egypt’s ancient civilizations is taking a river journey from Aswan to Luxor River. The trip to the Nile is breath-takingly beautiful, surrounded with its majestic pyramids and mysterious temples. One of the most exotic river journeys of your lifetime.

The Temple of Karnak, located on the East bank of Nile offers a great opportunity to learn about how ancient Egyptians worshipped the gods. This is considered to be the largest man-made temple complex.

Aswan to Luxor, Egypt

On the West Bank is the royal burial ground of Theban Kings called as the valley of Kings. Also visit the Colossi Of Memnon, which is a pair dedicated to King Amenhotep III.

There are numerous sightseeing spots to choose from in Aswan or Luxor. These cruises are available in lengths ranging from three-night to six-day adventures.

Rhine, Germany # 5

With many stunning segments of Rhine, the most romantic and fairy-tale type castles can be found along the stretch between Koblenz and Strasbourg. It passes through the picturesque towns of Oberwesel & Saint-Goar.

From every angle, the view of the river is breathtakingly. Despite being near major cities, the countryside still retains its rural feel. With hillsides lined with vineyards and castles, this makes it one of the most beautiful panoramas of Rhineland.

Couldn’t agree more to be listed as one of the most exotic river journeys.

Rhine, Germany

If you love fairytale castles, a short trip to Heidelberg is a must. Rusheshiem has all the charm of a German village. There are a lot of restaurants and taverns, and the market full of life and vigor. A must visit if you want to experience the traditional German produce.

FAQs About River Journeys

What you should know about river cruises?

Its a Leisure travel that takes you along inland waterways. There are usually several stops along the way. River cruises can last up to a week. Depending on the size of the vessel, you can carry anywhere from 100 to 250 people.

What are the benefits of river cruising?

1. Enjoy a leisurely brunch every day.
2. Eat locally inspired farm-to-table cuisine.
3. Let loose at a silent disco
4. Mix and match your adventures and excursions

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