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10 Best Local Food Of Bangkok You Must Not Miss

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Tourist Attractions : Best Local Food Of Bangkok You Must Not Miss

Thailand’s food is surprisingly diverse for such a small country. The dishes change in form and flavor almost every time they cross a provincial boundary. 

Bangkok is Thailand’s biggest city. The city that has the most charisma and epic landscapes in the world. It’s a treasure to be discovered. This destination is known for its striking tourist spots, distinctive cultural ethics, friendly people, magnificent temples, vibrant nightlife scenes and delicious food. It is also a hub for people and food. The city has its own unique cuisine.

People of Bangkok love sweet flavors. Many dishes include freshwater fish and pork, coconut milk, palm sugar, and other common ingredients found in the central Thai plains surrounding the city. There is a lot of seafood available because there is easy access to the ocean.


All those who enjoy spicy, piquant and aromatic food will be impressed by the mouth-watering delights. Many people love Bangkok’s spiciest nonvegan food. Each dish is unique and delicious.

For centuries, Thai cuisine has been influenced by immigrants from southern China. It is most likely that Chinese vendors and laborers introduced the wok to Bangkok and the rest Thailand. 

The late 14th century saw the first Muslim settlers to Thailand. They brought with them a meat-and-spice-based food that was later adopted by Bangkok.

The royal court has a significant influence on Bangkok’s cuisines. It has been creating sophisticated and refined versions of central Thai dishes for almost 300 years. In recent years, many of the dishes have become staples in Bangkok thanks to immigrants from rural Thailand.

This city’s food is just as incredible as its culture. It’s impossible to visit Bangkok without trying the delicious local cuisines. Don’t be afraid of trying something new.

These top 10 delicious dishes will be a feast for your taste buds. You will enjoy the delicious food. 

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Pla Pao # 1

Pla Pao is a popular street food snack in Bangkok. It is essentially tilapia, or snapper fishcakes, that are deep-fried. These are usually served with sweet chilli sauce.

They have a crispy, thin coating that sticks to the fish and doesn’t easily come off. This dish is great for people who like a little more crunch, especially when accompanied by steamed sticky rice.

Pla Pao

This dish is also delicious when it’s accompanied with a rich Tom Yum soup. This spicy and sour soup can be found in many restaurants. This classic dish is a must-try while in Bangkok.

Moo Ping # 2

You will be able to taste the best pork dish in Bangkok. It is sweet, tangy and spicy. The small pieces of pork are skewered in fat and then cooked over charcoal. 

Moo Ping

The mouth-watering melting fat on the coals creates a dense smoke that infuses the pork with more flavor. To ensure the flavors penetrate to all parts of the skewers, the marinade is left on for a whole night. This gives them a delicious savoury-sweet taste.

Kuay Teow Lu Suan # 3

Kuay Teow Lu Suan is a Thai street food dish that is well-known in Bangkok. This healthy dish is made with wide rice noodles, herbs, and vegetables.

Kuay Teow Lu Suan

It is definitely worth trying while in Thailand. This dish features wide, rolled rice noodles with crispy pork belly.

This popular street food from Bangkok, is best known for its Thai Boat Noodles. These delicious noodles are now available at riverside stalls. These noodles are great because you can choose the noodles and ingredients to suit your preferences. This customized dish is a must try in Bangkok.

Kao Niew Mamuang # 4

This is another delicious Thai dish that sweet-tooths will love. It’s also known as Bangkok’s best food. The coconut milk is artistically cooked in sugar and salt to create a wonderful aroma.

Kao Niew Mamuang

It’s drizzled on sticky rice and topped with delicious mango slices. Mango and sticky rice are a wonderful combination that can be found in every corner of the country.

Pad Gra Pao # 5

Pad Gra Pao is also known as Thai holy Basil stir-fry in English. It’s a popular dish that can be prepared in under 15 minutes. 

This dish includes minced pork, onion, garlic, hot red chili, fish sauce soy sauce, and fragrant Thai holy basil.

Pad Gra Pao

It’s a popular street food in Bangkok, served over rice with a fried egg on top. It is easy to prepare and can easily be modified to suit your tastes.

Roti Gluay # 6

Thai Banana Pancakes are the best Thai treat. Banana slices can be added to a rich, egg-based, dough. It is folded like an envelope, baked until it turns brown. The pancakes are then cut into squares and coated in chocolate syrup. 

Roti Gluay

Gaeng Keow Wan Gai # 7

The Thai Green Curry Chicken, a staple Thai dish, is one of the most visually stunning and delicious. 

Gaeng Keow Wan Gai

It’s made from fresh green chilies, basil leaves and green eggplants. This dish has a high nutritional value and is delicious.

Som Tam # 8

Som Tam is Thai for green papaya salad and is a classic Thai dish. This is the most visually appealing dish in Bangkok. Its made with fresh papayas, lime grass, and dried shrimp.

It then gets layered up with sweet tomatoes, fish sauce and peanuts. It is spicy and crunchy, with Bird’s eye chilis and shredded green papaya.

Som Tam

Sticky rice is often used to smother som tam. This takes out the heat from the hot peppers. You can also add fish, grilled chicken, carrots and Chinese long beans.

It is important to choose unripe papaya fruits so that they are not too bland and pulpy. The fruits will generally have a deep, solid color and a firm texture

Khanom Bueang # 9

Thai crepes are one of the most stunning food presentations. This delicious street food from Bangkok looks almost like a taco. 

Khanom Bueang

Flaked coconut, roasted peanuts and freshly made cream are some of the toppings on these crepes. Non-vegans can also enjoy this delicious delicacy.

Khao Pad or Khao Phat # 10

This is the most famous dish in Bangkok, combining all three main tastes: hot, sweet and sour. This dish features a variety of exotic vegetables and fried rice.

Khao Pad or Khao Phat

It is then given a Thai touch by adding eggs, chicken, shrimps, crabs, pork, and other ingredients. Finally, garnish the dish with brown sugar, chilli, soya sauce and fish sauce (NamPla).

FAQs About Food In Bangkok

What is the famous food in Bangkok?

Many foods are famous in Bangkok, namely Pad Thai, Thai Crepes, Green Curry Chicken, Papaya Salad, Hot and Sour Thai Soup and more.

What is the national food of Bangkok?

Pad Thai is the most famous food in Bangkok. The Thai Style taste is given to the rice noodles, which just tastes so amazing.

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